Fraktured Hot Sauce

Break from Ordinary with Fraktured Sauce!

Haunted Harvest award winning hot sauce

Farm Crafted Heat

Start to finish, Fraktured is an authentic farm crafted sauce. Our ingredient list always starts with hot peppers grown on our farm. No thickeners. No extracts. Our sauces are filled with the entire pepper (no stems of course). Nothing is milled out of our sauces during the mashing, aging or cooking process. Our pepper mashes are aged for at least 6 months and in many cases, more than a year.

About Our Name

Fraktur, a 16th century Germanic form of calligraphy, is the inspiration for our sauces. Mastery of its broken and angled strokes requires creativity and years of practice. 18th and 19th century Pennsylvania Germans incorporated the form into their elaborate folk art, giving it the same name. Fraktur is simultaneously deliberate and spontaneous, bold and subtle, complex and simple. Just like our sauces.

Our Sauce Philosophy

Don't let our humble origins fool you! There is nothing plain or ordinary about us! We are true chili heads dedicated to creating the right balance of flavor and heat at every level! We operate on the premise that hot sauce should be fun on both sides of the bottle! It's hard work, but we enjoy the process of growing our sauces from the ground up and want you to have just as much fun using them

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Seed to Sauce

Hot pepper seedlings

We are a Seed to Sauce maker of quality hot sauces. We know what goes into our peppers and hold ourselves to the highest standard from our fields to your shelf! Our hot pepper mashes are fermented and aged for a minimum of 6 months then cooked and bottled in a local certified kitchen. 

Fraktured is PA Preferred

PA Preferred

Goshenhoppen Run and Fraktured Hot Sauce are PA Preferred and registered with the PA Department of Agriculture.